Preventing utility scams

SRP recognizes Fry’s employees for protecting customer from scam artists

Scammers continue to aggressively target residential and business utility customers and are becoming more refined and convincing in their tactics. Thankfully, two Fry’s Food Stores employees recently prevented an SRP customer from being further victimized.

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Brighter days, lower bills

Program helps limited-income tenants be more energy-efficient, save money

For 57-year-old Bruce Clinton, a disabled civil maintenance engineer who lives with and cares for his younger, special-needs brother, it was a curious yet heartwarming sight.

No one had ever come into their two-bedroom apartment before to help make the modest home more energy efficient. Yet on this day, courtesy of SRP, a staff member from the apartment complex zipped around swapping out old light bulbs and replacing them with brighter, more energy-efficient bulbs. First, in the bathrooms. Next, the kitchen. And, finally, his ceiling fans and front porch too. Bruce noticed the difference. He felt it in his heart as well.

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Super-sized bucket truck

Meet SRP’s new Palfinger 650i: the tallest utility truck in the U.S.

What can reach more than half the length of a football field, extend 92 feet side to side, yet fit into small spaces to repair 500 kilovolt (kV) transmission lines? The tallest utility truck in the United States, which is the newest piece of equipment in SRP’s fleet to ensure grid reliability so the power stays on for customers.

The 88,980 pound vehicle, which runs on biodiesel, is called a Palfinger P650i. It is the tallest insulated aerial work platform in the United States. By design, it does what no other vehicle in SRP’s fleet does, such as extend 213 feet into the air, fit in more compact spaces and, with a five-axle chassis, easily maneuver and travel off road on desert terrain to maintain and repair remote transmission lines.

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