Watchful eyes

Floyd Hardin

SRP’s wildfire first responder valued in emergency-response community

When you think of wildfires in Arizona, you may recall Rodeo-Chediski, Wallow or Cedar, the most recent, near Show Low.

Floyd Hardin, Construction Consultant at SRP, can rattle off names of many more you may have never heard of, including Power, Ghost and Goodyear.

After all, he got to name them.

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Floating forecast

Weather balloon rises up to 75,000 feet to help SRP plan summer operations

If you happen to look up around 4:30 p.m. — or, if you’re a morning person, 4:30 a.m. — near SRP’s headquarters in Tempe, you might see a big white balloon taking flight.

But it’s not just any balloon. It’s a weather balloon that helps forecast high temperatures and storms in the Valley — a forecast essential to SRP’s summer operations.

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SRP crews, grid prepared for record heat

Heat wave advisory in effect

With the National Weather service warning of a record heat wave in the Phoenix area until Wednesday, SRP crews are prepared to make sure the power stays on for our customers.

Our robust electrical grid is fortified and maintained year-round to handle the predicted record temperatures of 119 degrees. We have crews on standby as well because of the extreme high temperatures.

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Electric surge for safety

SRP lab tests safety equipment using 40,000 volts of electricity

As rubber gloves are dipped into a tank filled with more than 200 gallons of water, SRP employee Bruce Redford flips a switch and 40,000 volts of electricity surge through the water.

Tendrils of white lightning surround the gloves and light up the tank, as Redford looks on from a safe distance and nods his head, pleased with the results.

Each month, Redford and Jim Latas take in dozens of rubber gloves and blankets used by SRP workers in the field and test them to make sure they are safe to be worn.

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