Holiday lighting lucky escape

SRP employee shares cautionary tale of lighting safety

Sharing this rather scary experience of an SRP employee and customer, who came home to his “Christmas miracle” over the holiday weekend.

Like many of us, Michael McNamara, a photographer here at SRP, had left his holidays lights plugged in before leaving the house, so they’d be on when he and his family returned home. But when they did, the house was all dark.

McNamara checked the power cords and saw a burned power strip from an electrical short.

The strip was for indoor use, instead of outdoor. He also had taped the power switch to avoid inadvertently kicking it when it used to sit under a desk. The tape effectively disabled a safety feature.

McNamara said he knows better than to have used an indoor strip, and will never make that mistake again. He wanted to share his experience with others.

“The miracle is that we didn’t burn the house down,” he said. “Please be safe with electricity.”

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Sonu Munshi

Sonu Munshi

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