Influential millennials: 5 to watch

AZ Business Magazine recently included five SRP employees in its list of 20 influential millennials working in Arizona. Below they share more about who and what motivates them to succeed.

David Felix

First job: Cleaning tables at a country club restaurant in El Paso, Texas.

A millennial you admire: Mark Zuckerberg was the first that came to my mind. Ironically I am not a Facebook user, but he created the social network that truly put social media front and center in our day-to-day interactions, which is arguably the most significant form of communication around.

What drives you to succeed: Growing up I saw my parents work very hard to provide for our family and give us a better opportunity. This inspired me to seek higher education and work harder and smarter every day. My day-to-day drive is motivated by providing my daughter with all that I can to influence her like my parents influenced me.

Advice for the next generation of SRP employees: With all the retirements we are facing, a huge amount of knowledge will be leaving SRP. Learn as much as possible from your peers, ask questions and think about the bigger picture in your day-to-day work. Know how your piece of the puzzle fits into the overall strategy at SRP.

Lora Hobaica

First job: Lifeguard at the Litchfield Park Recreation Center.

A millennial you admire: My husband because he is hardworking, giving and extremely motivated.

What drives you to succeed: My daughter, Hayden, because I want to make this world a better place for her.

Advice for the next generation of SRP employees: Stay true to yourself and work hard. Your efforts and dedication will always pay off.

Dan Killoren

First job: Bagging groceries at Copps Foods in Appleton, Wisconsin.

A millennial you admire: I worked with Courtney Klein (co-founder of Seed Spot) on her first venture, and I’ve continued to admire her approach to promoting social justice and education through entrepreneurship.

What drives you to succeed: A desire to learn new things and work with interesting people. A commitment to improve the world around me.

Advice for the next generation of SRP employees: I would give the same advice no matter the age of the individual: Find something that really interests you and consistently look for ways to leverage that interest to make a positive impact. Look for ways to combine your interests and skills with others who are committed to doing good. Don’t be constrained by the way it has been done in the past; instead be a catalyst for new ideas that will reset the baseline of what’s expected.

Josh Schwartz

First job: A yard cleaning business my little brother and I created when we were 8 and 9 years old to earn money to buy lizards.

A millennial you admire: I admire my younger brother Jonathan. He started cooking at a very young age and has been able to leverage his talent as a chef into becoming the executive chef for Snooze here in Phoenix.

What drives you to succeed: My drive to succeed comes from a desire to help others. I truly feel that the work we are doing in Talent Management sets our employees up for future success and helps drive the overall success of the organization.

Advice for the next generation of SRP employees: Stop looking to get to the next level before you have mastered the level you are at. Become integral to the overall operation and you will be promoted by those around you.

Lesly Swanson

First job: I worked in a custom art and frame shop.

A millennial you admire: Malala Yousafzai. She is a human rights advocate and an activist for education. As the youngest Nobel Prize laureate, she has accomplished a great deal and faced more challenges than most could imagine.

What drives you to succeed: I’ve been lucky enough to find a job that has given me an opportunity to combine my passion for wildlife, education and business. I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. Once I commit to an objective, I gather the best people for the task and I don’t give up until the job is done.

Advice for the next generation of SRP employees: Take advantage of any opportunity, and don’t be afraid to seek out opportunities. Step out of your comfort zone, ask questions and get to know people. There’s always something new to learn.

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Featured photo by Mike Mertes: From left, Lesly Swanson, Dan Killoren, Josh Schwartz, Lora Hobaica and David Felix.



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