Power is all yours

Local artists create murals to beautify community

On a recent weekday, Arizona artist Ignacio Garcia stood in front of his empty canvas: A plain mustard-brown wall next to a gas station, a car wash and a convenience store, all along a busy nondescript Phoenix street.

As he prepared the wall for the mural he planned to paint, a few curious onlookers stopped by.

For Garcia, simple moments like these – where people stop in their tracks as he creates something from scratch, and engage – are powerful.

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“With so much technology nowadays in everyone’s hands, we’re losing out on one-on-one connections with each other,” Garcia said. “Painting helps me engage with others and I love that it brings people together.”

Three Arizona artists are creating murals across the Valley in SRP’s service territory as part of our Power is All Yours campaign, to beautify, brighten and engage with the community we serve.

We teamed up with these local artists to come up with murals that depict and inspire “power” in a fun, visual way.

Through this community art, we hope to remind customers that they also have the power to monitor and lower their energy bills through our programs and resources that offer them convenient choices: be it by selecting one of our price plans, downloading our handy mobile app, or following our energy-savings tips.

Garcia, a third-generation artist who grew up in Benson and graduated from Chandler High School, said he loves the idea of making art accessible to the general public.

“Murals are a great way to have a public gallery filled with diverse ideas and perspectives,” he said. “I hope this mural influences other local raw talent to  create more art and beauty around us.”

Garcia’s mural, on the intersection of 32nd and Oak streets, has a Southwestern touch, with people climbing mountains against a vivid backdrop that shows a typically striking Arizona sunset that looks to be carved out of a mountain.

There are people shown hiking or climbing ladders to portray a sense of achievement.

“I want to show that if you push hard and never give up, you can achieve anything,” he said.

Follow us on social media @srpconnect on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see the work of two other artists and their murals in the coming weeks, snap selfies and pics with the murals as your backdrop and share them with us using the hashtag #powerisallyours. Tell us what powers you!

For more info about our programs, check out savewithsrp.com!

Photos: Mike Eller



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