Preventing utility scams

SRP recognizes Fry’s employees for protecting customer from scam artists

Scammers continue to aggressively target residential and business utility customers and are becoming more refined and convincing in their tactics. Thankfully, two Fry’s Food Stores employees recently prevented an SRP customer from being further victimized.

Earlier this month, a Valley small business owner who prefers not to be identified received a phone call from a 1-844-number. The caller claimed to be with SRP, and threatened that the customer owed hundreds of dollars that needed to be paid immediately or he’d lose power within two hours, just before Labor Day weekend.

Feeling suspicious, the customer hung up, called the number back and heard a replica of SRP’s interactive-automated voice recording system. Convinced it was a legitimate call and fearing an interruption to his business, the customer followed the scammer’s instructions to purchase a MoneyPak card from a nearby grocery store.

After making the payment, the customer received a second call stating the amount was incorrect and hundreds more were owed immediately. The customer raced back to the Fry’s store to make a second purchase of the pre-paid credit card. Two Fry’s employees, Stuart and Lori, suspected the business owner was being scammed. They warned the customer of ongoing scams and urged him to further investigate.

After checking his SRP account online, the customer realized his electric bill was not past due and he had been scammed. He also felt grateful that the Fry’s employees intervened and prevented his small business from losing more money.

SRP honored the Fry’s Food Store employees for preventing a second crime. Thank you for your vigilance!

Ways to prevent scams:

If customers receive a suspicious call or simply want to receive accurate information about their accounts, they can call SRP 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (602) 236-8833 for business customers or (602) 236-8888 for residential customers.

SRP business customers can also call their account manager listed on their billing statement.

  • Sign up for My Account and manage SRP accounts 24/7 online or through SRP’s free Power mobile app. Customers can also receive eNote alerts regarding their account status and payment information by signing up in My Account.
  • Never give credit or debit card numbers or other personal information to any caller or visitor without knowing their true identity.
  • SRP will never demand immediate payments or threaten same-day disconnection. If customers feel they have been the target of a scam, contact SRP, local law enforcement or the Arizona Attorney General’s Office at (602) 542-5763.
  • Check out for more tips.

Featured photo: Fry’s Food Stores employees Stuart (L) and Lori helped prevent scam artists from duping an SRP customer.

Kathleen Mascareñas

Kathleen Mascareñas

Kathleen is a media relations representative for SRP. She works to help customers save money and resources by promoting SRP's energy efficiency programs. Kathleen is also a professional driver, who happily and safely drives her three children and their friends around town to tumbling, football and cheer.

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