SRP Boxer Rescue Part 2

Rescued boxer puppy finds forever home with SRP family

Remember Palmer, the boxer puppy rescued by SRP employee, Brenda Burchett a few months ago?

We’re happy to report his recovery is going great, and he’s been adopted by another SRP employee, Steve Petruso, and his wife, Sue.


According to Steve, the puppy is happy, healthy and fully recovered from his fractured tibia, thanks to BoxerLuvRescue and Debbie, his foster mom.

Palmer (who now goes by, Louie) weighs in at about 55 lbs and loves to chew on bones, romp, run and play in the backyard.

“He is a great little dog and my wife and I just love him,” Steve said. “Everyone should consider rescuing a dog (or cat)…there are a lot of great pets needing homes!”

Today, Feb. 18, Louie celebrates his first birthday!

Happy birthday to Louie, and thank you to everyone who helped out with his rescue and recovery!

Adam Fuller

Adam Fuller

Adam lives in Tempe and works in SRP's Business Analyst Rotational Program, dabbling in corporate pricing, communications, social media and strategy. In his free time he likes to play guitar, run trails and compete in the occasional triathlon.

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