SRP to the Boxer Luv Rescue

Employee rescues sick and injured boxer puppy

Meet Palmer. He’s a 9-month-old boxer puppy who was found Nov. 17 by SRP employee Brenda Burchett near 83rd Ave. and Baseline, as she was scoping out a job for our West Valley line crews.
While Brenda was working, Palmer limped in front of her truck and sat down. He was in pretty bad shape.

In addition to a fractured tibia on his hind left leg, the puppy was suffering from Tick Fever and infections of the skin, eye and ears. The poor guy was also starved and Anemic.

Brenda contacted Boxer Luv Rescue, and brought Palmer to their urgent care center. The shelter then took him immediately to the hospital, where he stayed and received treatment for about a week. Since then Palmer has been recovering at a foster home for the past two weeks and is making great progress.

Our job as SRP employees is not just limited to electricity and water.

According to Debbie, his foster mom, Palmer’s leg is healing, he’s gained weight and “he is a great dog with a wonderful disposition and great heart!”

The image above shows Palmer when he was brought in to the shelter (on the left), and Palmer a few weeks later recovering at his foster home.

Brenda has rescued lots of animals while working for SRP, and like her fellow field personnel, she takes time to help out animals and people in need. “Our job as SRP employees is not just limited to electricity and water,” Brenda said.

THANK YOU to Brenda for going the extra mile, and everyone who helped rescue this puppy! Palmer will not be available for adoption for a while, but be sure to check the Boxer Luv Rescue Facebook page for updates.

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Adam Fuller

Adam Fuller

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