SRP to the Boxer Luv Rescue

Employee rescues sick and injured boxer puppy

Meet Palmer. He’s a 9-month-old boxer puppy who was found Nov. 17 by SRP employee Brenda Burchett near 83rd Ave. and Baseline, as she was scoping out a job for our West Valley line crews.
While Brenda was working, Palmer limped in front of her truck and sat down. He was in pretty bad shape.

In addition to a fractured tibia on his hind left leg, the puppy was suffering from Tick Fever and infections of the skin, eye and ears. The poor guy was also starved and Anemic.

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Volunteering to search and rescue

Meet SRP Volunteer Michael Yeck: In his free time he helps Arizona Search, Track and Rescue (AZSTAR)  to find missing people using trained air-scent and trailing dog-handler teams. In this post, Michael shares his rewarding experience. (Photo: Michael with his trailing dog, Bo, a blue tick coonhound.)

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Keep your pets cool and save

Don’t worry! Your pooches won’t hate you for bumping up the thermostat this summer.

This time of year, we often hear from folks who want to lower their summer bills, but they hesitate to increase the temperature on their AC thermostats while they’re at work, out of fear their pets will overheat.

We love animals and we love saving you money. So let’s talk about both, and clear up that common misconception right meow!

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