Soldiering on for Michael

Arizona mother carries on Marine son’s legacy through service of her own

It was Mother’s Day 2005 when Margy Bons, a mother of four, heard a knock at the door.

But it wasn’t flowers being delivered or one of her children coming to visit. It was a Marine coming to tell her that her son Michael would never be able to visit again.

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Don’t ferry quagga mussels

Quagga Mussels

Always remember to drain, clean and dry your boat

Memorial Day weekend for many in Arizona means heading to a lake for a day out on the boat. Prep work involved? Snacks, sunscreen and taking along good company.

There’s one more thing you may not be aware of but need to keep in mind. Quagga mussels, a highly invasive species, can spread from one place to another on boats, and thus damage not only watercrafts by ruining motors, but also hurt lake ecosystems and water systems. They are now reported to have spread in Canyon, Apache and Saguaro lakes.

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Cheers and tears


SRP volunteers welcome home Honor Flight veterans 

How much can a handshake, a simple thank you and a smile of appreciation mean to someone?

“The world, from all the faces I saw light up,” said Adam McAnally, Associate Regulatory Analyst, Regulatory Policy, who attended an Honor Flight reception this month at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

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