Safe graduation celebrations

Mylar balloons can cause power outages

The one thing you see a lot around graduation season? Glossy Mylar balloons – a popular and festive way to celebrate new graduates! What few people realize, though, is that if revelers don’t securely hold or tether the shiny bouquets, they can leave people in the dark.

Each year, flyaway Mylar balloons cause up to 80 power outages in SRP’s service territory, which can impact tens of thousands of customers. They can also cause fires, damage property or people can be injured.

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Mylar balloons tied to power outages

Mylar balloon

Why you need to keep these balloons tethered

Shiny Mylar balloons may be a great way to celebrate a milestone, but they can also be a hazard when it comes to power lines.

The metallic material that gives them that attractive shine also makes them energy conductors. So, when they touch a power line or hit equipment at a substation, they can cause a surge in electricity, which can lead to a short circuit. The result? A power outage, a fire, property damage or even serious injuries.

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