SRP Board OKs $27 million price decrease

Temporary reduction in July and August will save typical electric customer more than $15

SRP’s Board of Directors has approved an overall average 3.7 percent decrease in electricity prices for the two hottest months of this year. The decrease will save the typical residential customer about $7.60 per month, or about a combined $15.20 for the July and August billing cycles.

SRP’s publicly elected board made the decision during a special meeting June 23.

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Stay cool, save money

Save $$$ while keeping you and your pets comfortable

In case you haven’t heard, an excessive heat warning is in effect for the coming weekend in the Phoenix area. With temperatures expected to rise to a scorching 120 degrees by Monday, your air conditioning unit is likely to be put to some heavy use. During the summer, air conditioning can account for 50%, if not more of your total electric bill. So how do you keep you, your family and pets cool without busting your budget?

Follow these simple tips to use energy efficiently, and save money:

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Poll Results: Winter thermostat

Most people prefer 66°F to 70°F, or they just keep it off.

We recently asked our social media followers, “What temp is your winter thermostat set to when you’re home?”

Out of 227 responses from folks on Facebook, Twittter and LinkedIn, the majority said they opt for the range of 66 to 70 degrees. This is great because we recommend setting your winter thermostat between 68 and 70 degrees when home, and 65 degrees or lower when away.

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