Safety hero

Valley resident credits SRP employee with saving his life

Flynt Smith was on his way to his parent’s house, looking forward to spending a relaxing Memorial Day weekend with his wife and eight children.

Just as Smith, a senior engineer at Coronado Generating Station near St. Johns, Arizona, steered the family van out of the Salt River Canyon toward Globe, he came upon an accident —  an overturned tractor-trailer gasoline tanker.

Smoke poured out from the back of the truck. Gasoline flowed down the side of the road. It sounded like a heavy downpour, Smith recalled. One spark could have ignited the vehicle and the surrounding area.

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Valor in face of danger

SRP employees

SRP employee honored with Service to Mankind Award

Phoenix-area residents may recall a horrific accident from last September, involving a four-man SRP Substation Maintenance crew headed to a job in the West Valley. While passing through an intersection near Interstate 10 and 43rd Avenue, the SRP truck they were in was broadsided by another vehicle speeding off the I-10 exit ramp.

The force of the crash slammed the SRP truck on its side. The driver of the other vehicle reportedly ran a red light while eluding police after leaving the scene of a traffic stop on I-10.

The good news is that all four crew members have recovered from their injuries and are back to full status at work. And, Norman Uptain, a Substation Electrician who was the first to regain consciousness in the truck, was recently recognized with the Service to Mankind Award, SRP’s top honor for individual safety valor.

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