New solar plant to charge huge battery

Integrated solar and battery project will be largest in Arizona

Salt River Project today announced a 20-year power purchase agreement for a grid-scale, integrated solar and battery project that will be located in Pinal County, Arizona. SRP will purchase all of the energy produced at the Pinal Central Energy Center near Coolidge which will be constructed and owned by a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources.

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Meet Sandstone Solar

This new utility-scale solar project is producing 45MW of green, reliable, affordable energy for SRP customers.

sPower and Salt River Project today announced the opening of sPower Sandstone Solar, one of the Valley’s largest photovoltaic facilities.

SRP is purchasing all 45 megawatts of the solar energy produced at the facility, which is owned and operated by sPower, a Utah-based independent power producer.

Sandstone Solar is located on more than 300 acres in Florence, Ariz., and utilizes more than 182,000 photovoltaic modules mounted on a single-axis tracking system that follows the sun, allowing the panels to more efficiently capture energy as the sun moves across the sky.

“The addition of renewable, clean energy from Sandstone helps us achieve our goal of providing our customers with a diverse portfolio of affordable and reliable energy,” said SRP General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Mark Bonsall.

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SolarCity lawsuit is without merit

After an extensive three-month public process in which thousands of individuals and industry organizations provided input, Salt River Project’s publicly-elected Board of Directors approved a new price plan for future self-generating customers, including rooftop solar, that ensures that SRP is fairly recovering the costs necessary to continue to maintain and improve the electric grid that all of its 1 million customers, including rooftop solar customers, use and benefit from.

SRP firmly rejects SolarCity’s claims in the press and its newly-filed lawsuit, that the new price process is improper or contrary to law.  In fact, as SRP demonstrated throughout the public price process, the new price structure properly aligns costs and revenues with respect to the distributed generation customers. SolarCity’s lawsuit is without merit and will be aggressively defended. SolarCity’s efforts to mischaracterize what the SRP Board approved are unfortunate as is its filing of a meritless lawsuit.

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Sun Devil research helps develop sun-storing batteries

We’re teaming up with ASU to help solar customers support peak demand with battery storage

There’s a common misconception about energy usage:

Some folks think when you flip on a light switch, turn on a TV, or crank up the AC, the energy that powers those appliances is pulled from an existing reservoir of power that’s available and waiting to be used whenever you need it – similar to the way a water faucet works.

In reality, energy on utility scale cannot be stored before it’s used. Instead, that power needs to be produced at the same instant it’s being used. For example, the electricity you see flowing through a light bulb is produced at a power plant, miles away, at that exact moment.

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