Growing knowledge

SRP Learning Grant turns Valley 3rd-graders into ‘budding scientists’

Juli Harpole’s third-grade students at Weinberg Elementary School in the Chandler Unified School District have been growing tomatoes, peas, peppers and herbs. Using propagation stations in their recently set up greenhouse, they plant seeds under controlled conditions and then monitor them during the day.

“They water them, they turn the lights and warmers on and off, they’re really just like mothers taking care of their little nursery,” Harpole said. “None of this would have been possible without our partnership with SRP.”

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3 power (and water) moms

SRP moms share their parenting stories

Three completely different career paths, experiences and challenges still leave one thing in common for Sara McCoy, May Millies and Cheryl Zittle.


This is one title these three successful SRP moms wear with pride. This Mother’s Day, we asked them how they have applied their education and experience at work to how they have raised their children.

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Supporting college dreams

Shawndeena George

Scholarship gives first-generation college student shot at a career in medicine

A 4.3 grade point average may look great on any high school graduate’s diploma, but it isn’t always enough to guarantee access to higher education. That was the story of Shawndeena George, a Tuba City High School graduate, who still needed financial support to be the first in her family to attend college. 

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Can a robot solve a Rubik’s Cube? These students aim to find out.

SRP classroom grant powers Phoenix middle school’s robot-building club

For many of us, the Rubik’s Cube is an indecipherable geometric nightmare: turn left, turn right, the scramble remains.

But a group of eighth-graders at Western Valley Middle School in Phoenix are solving it with a 21st-century approach.

They built a robot to do it, thanks in part to an SRP Learning Grant presented to the school last year.

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