8 tips to prep for summer storms

Don’t be caught by surprise during unpredictable weather

Metro Phoenix got its first hint of summer monsoons Monday night, with some lightning, particularly in the East Valley. And, as residents brace for monsoon season ahead, SRP is prepared to handle the heat and storms. We plan for the extreme weather throughout the year by maintaining our transmission and distribution systems to ensure reliability.

If there is an outage, SRP alerts you via email or text when your home or business is in an affected area. We also let you know (see details below to sign up) when power is restored.

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Stay cool, save money

Save $$$ while keeping you and your pets comfortable

In case you haven’t heard, an excessive heat warning is in effect for the coming weekend in the Phoenix area. With temperatures expected to rise to a scorching 120 degrees by Monday, your air conditioning unit is likely to be put to some heavy use. During the summer, air conditioning can account for 50%, if not more of your total electric bill. So how do you keep you, your family and pets cool without busting your budget?

Follow these simple tips to use energy efficiently, and save money:

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3 power (and water) moms

SRP moms share their parenting stories

Three completely different career paths, experiences and challenges still leave one thing in common for Sara McCoy, May Millies and Cheryl Zittle.


This is one title these three successful SRP moms wear with pride. This Mother’s Day, we asked them how they have applied their education and experience at work to how they have raised their children.

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Doing good pays back

Tempe small business owner shares recipe for success

The Dhaba Restaurant is known for serving authentic Punjabi Indian food and has a following of die-hard diners. What you might not know is just how passionate the owner is about serving his employees and the community. After indulging in some chicken tikka masala, I sat down for a chat with SRP customer Raveen Arora, owner of the Dhaba Restaurant and India Plaza, recipient of the 2016 Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Economic Impact Driver Award and the 2015 Don Carlos Humanitarian Award.

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