Super-sized bucket truck

Meet SRP’s new Palfinger 650i: the tallest utility truck in the U.S.

What can reach more than half the length of a football field, extend 92 feet side to side, yet fit into small spaces to repair 500 kilovolt (kV) transmission lines? The tallest utility truck in the United States, which is the newest piece of equipment in SRP’s fleet to ensure grid reliability so the power stays on for customers.

The 88,980 pound vehicle, which runs on biodiesel, is called a Palfinger P650i. It is the tallest insulated aerial work platform in the United States. By design, it does what no other vehicle in SRP’s fleet does, such as extend 213 feet into the air, fit in more compact spaces and, with a five-axle chassis, easily maneuver and travel off road on desert terrain to maintain and repair remote transmission lines.

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See Bob bike for better health

Back in September you saw how new workstations at our call center are helping SRP customer service reps walk and bike on the job to squeeze some exercise into the workday.

Now, let’s meet an employee who took exercising at work one step further through another new program at SRP: Bike Share.

Earlier this year, Bob Evans was looking for a way to get in shape for his son’s upcoming wedding.

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Fleet flashback

A then-and-now look at how far SRP trucks have come

On top you see a photo from our archives of a 1950 Ford SRP electric service truck.

Compare that truck to the one on the bottom: a 2014 International 6X6 line truck.

The 2014 International 6X6 line truck is one of the biggest trucks in our fleet, with a 100-foot reach and a gross vehicle weight capacity of 60,000 pounds – for context, most of the 18-wheelers you see on the road have a capacity of about 80,000 pounds. This versatile truck is often used to work on high-voltage power lines in remote locations, though it can also complete projects on lower-voltage lines around the city.