TDs score trees for Arizona forests

SRP to plant thousands of trees to celebrate Cardinals’ 51 TDs

Thanks to the Arizona Cardinals scoring 51 touchdowns this football season, Salt River Project will plant 5,100 trees to help restore National Forests in Arizona destroyed by fire.

For the past four seasons, SRP has pledged to fund the planting of 100 Ponderosa Pine trees for every Cardinals’ touchdown scored during regular season play to help bring awareness to its Trees for Change program.

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Watchful eyes

Floyd Hardin

SRP’s wildfire first responder valued in emergency-response community

When you think of wildfires in Arizona, you may recall Rodeo-Chediski, Wallow or Cedar, the most recent, near Show Low.

Floyd Hardin, Construction Consultant at SRP, can rattle off names of many more you may have never heard of, including Power, Ghost and Goodyear.

After all, he got to name them.

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Wildfires impact us all

How you can help promote forest health

Just as firefighters managed to contain the Tenderfoot wildfire near Yarnell in northwest Arizona this month, the focus has turned to the growing Cedar Creek wildfire in Eastern Arizona.

This latest wildfire is raging near Show Low area, prompting evacuations in the small community of Forestdale, and preparations for the same in the surrounding communities, including Pinetop-Lakeside.

Many Valley dwellers don’t realize how much of a direct impact wildfires can have on them – from the air we breathe to the water we drink. Experts say they believe the Tenderfoot wildfire was human-caused.

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Covering wildfires? Stay safe with these crucial tips.

As Arizona fire season heats up, check these resources and reminders to stay safe and informed.

Even though the 2015 Arizona fire season has been pretty mild thus far, over the past 24 hours we’ve seen a flare up in activity. Specifically, the Kearny River Fire – burning about 90 minutes east of the Valley – has surged into our most significant fire of the season.

While this fire has not affected our system – which remains stable – we’re monitoring the Kearny River Fire closely with SRP crews in the area to help out. It’s one of the many ways we work with fire departments and emergency responders to keep everyone safe in the communities we serve.

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