TDs score trees for Arizona forests

SRP to plant thousands of trees to celebrate Cardinals’ 51 TDs

Thanks to the Arizona Cardinals scoring 51 touchdowns this football season, Salt River Project will plant 5,100 trees to help restore National Forests in Arizona destroyed by fire.

For the past four seasons, SRP has pledged to fund the planting of 100 Ponderosa Pine trees for every Cardinals’ touchdown scored during regular season play to help bring awareness to its Trees for Change program.

The program is funded by SRP and its customers who have voluntarily pledged an additional $3 or more to their monthly bill – with about one tree planted for every dollar donated. Plus, SRP matches customer dollars up to $200,000 annually. So far, more than 4,000 customers have joined the program.

“The partnership with the Cardinals has been a huge success as we have encouraged our customers to cheer for our home team as well as the revitalization of our forests,” said Lori Singleton, director of Customer Programs and Operations Support at SRP. “These tree planting efforts by our team and customers will restore and protect the watersheds that provide water for Valley residents.”

So why is it important to be involved? As the frequency and occurrence of severe wildfire has risen in recent decades, Arizona’s National Forests have been hit especially hard. The destructive Wallow Fire of 2011 illustrates that these forests are still susceptible to massive wildfires. Through this innovative partnership with the National Forest Foundation, SRP and its customers are on their way to repairing the damage by planting 1 million trees.

Forest land devastated by fire causes erosion and sedimentation that can end up in streams, rivers and reservoirs that supply the drinking water residents depend upon in the Phoenix metro area.

During their lifetime, the trees also remove carbon dioxide from the air, store carbon in plant tissues and produce oxygen, thereby helping to decrease the impacts of climate change. Newly planted trees also help reestablish important forest habitat that many Arizona wildlife species depend on.

“Trees for Change has been instrumental in addressing some of the most urgent reforestation needs in Northern Arizona. We’re very grateful for the generosity of SRP and their customers,” said Wes Swaffar, Director of Ecosystem Services for the National Forest Foundation.

If you’re an SRP customer and would like to help restore Arizona’s forests, click here and sign up for Trees for Change.

Patty Garcia-Likens

Patty Garcia-Likens

Patty works in Media Relations and is a spokesperson for SRP’s environmental and community outreach groups.

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